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Fire and Brimstone Forge

Kenneth just wrapped as the lead prop fabricator for the production house on Avengers: Infinity Wars. Working with metal since he was a teen, Kennen has turned his love of creation into something he can share with the world. Creating collections of jewelry, knives, keychains, furniture and a large assortment of projects and customed commission pieces Kennen continues to grow and expand his portfolio trying new things and pushing himself to new levels. Kennen studied art at the University of Montevallo where he received his BS in studio art and MA in art education. He is currently continuing his education and pursuing an MFA at SCAD in Atlanta. He has been working with metal for 13 years and forging for the past 10. He currently teaches all over the southeast, and runs his own design firm, KRS3-Designs.

Casting Silver Rings

Oct 06, 09:30 AM

Instructors:  Kenneth Spivey

Attendees will design a ring, and then make a mold so that it can be cast in silver.
Students will design a ring, and carve the design out of jewler's wax. A mold will be made of the wax using delft clayso that it can be cast.The silver will be heated up to melting temperature then poured into molds containing negatives of what was to becast. Students will then proceed with the cleaning and the polishing of their piece.No previousknowledge is necessary to take this class.
Concepts and Tools Covered in This Course:
ceramic crucibles
sterling silver
delft claymold
map gas
polishing wheel
polishing compound
sand paper
belt sander
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