Doran Hickey


MASS Collective

Doran M. Hickey has been with Mass Collective since 2016. He's a true local with a background in cuisine and wood lapidary. Having roots in both farming and fabrication, his journey into woodworking was just as natural as the medium he prefers. Definitely ask him for a tour around the neighborhood or any questions about what wood to use or not to use when it comes to food grade stock.

Introduction to Wood Turning: Wood Lathe

Sep 30, 12:00 PM

Instructors:  Doran Hickey

This four hour course covers the basics of a wood lathe and wood turning.
In this four hour course, each student will learn how to operate a wood lathe and create a cyclinder to take home. Concepts covered will bemachine safety, choosing materials, auxilary tools used when turning, how to operate a bench top wood lathe properly and turning concepts to create a cyclinder.Ticket Sales end two days before the event begins.Please be prepared to supply an contact phone number in case of last minute scheduling changes.
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