What’s going on at MASS collective

April 15th, 2012

MASS collective is in the process of renovating a 100 year old building. I’m sure you can imagine that is no easy feat, however we have done quite a good job so far. There is electricity throughout the building, providing us light while we toil away at bringing more necessities throughout. MASS has come along swimmingly with developments like¬†electricity, running water, solar panels, and plumbing being secured and installed within the building. While all of these things have been accomplished there is still much work to go.


While it is time consuming to complete these projects around MASS, we have been collectively creating projects on the side for MASS to be involved in and execute. One very large and upcoming project that MASS will take part in is The SKETCHBOOK PROJECT tour. The tour will be coming to Atlanta, Aug 29th – Sept 1st. During that time we will be hosting and holding a bevy of parties to kick off their stay in Atlanta. We are hoping to have a major turn out to support Art House Co-op as they make their way across the US and other parts of the world.

Another aspect that MASS is hoping to participate in is Kickstarter. We are seeking funds to get a lot of renovations done to our building that are not in our financial grasp. Many aspects like walls, tables, chairs, desks, and etc. cost money, for which we need money to purchase these things. Currently we are in the process of collaborating with a well know videographer in Atlanta to get this underway. While we may not achieve what we want with the reward, hopefully it will get us closer to opening up our doors to members.

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