What is MASS?

MASS is an inclusive educational facility and laboratory, supporting research and development across a broad range of fields. We foster creativity and multidisciplinary collaboration by providing open access to unique tools and resources.

MASS is an acronym which implies the shared innovative spirit among those with Musical, Artistic, Scientific, and Social pursuits. We wish to see new ideas thrive, and to kindle the fire of creative genius within each of us. Our goal is to help weave individuals into an ever-growing network of students, educators, and creators.

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This course will introduce the cornerstone of blacksmithing;repetition of design using the scroll and twist.Description:In this course, students will be introduced to blacksmithing through hands-on experience.

This four hour course covers the fundamentals of preparing and joining stock metal with MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding.

This three hour course covers the basics of maintaining and troubleshooting your automobile.

This three hour course covers the basic concepts of 3D printing.