What is MASS?

MASS is an inclusive educational facility and laboratory, supporting research and development across a broad range of fields. We foster creativity and multidisciplinary collaboration by providing open access to unique tools and resources.

MASS is an acronym which implies the shared innovative spirit among those with Musical, Artistic, Scientific, and Social pursuits. We wish to see new ideas thrive, and to kindle the fire of creative genius within each of us. Our goal is to help weave individuals into an ever-growing network of students, educators, and creators.

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This sixteen hour course will take place over two days (9/22/18 and 9/23/18) and will expand upon the previous skills in order to produce a small wooden table.

This 3 hour course is an optional additional day for finishing your table from Advanced WoodWorking: Fabricating a Table.

Students will be introduced to digital fabrication using a CNC Router, the basics of CNC software, and creating their own custom sign.

This three hour course covers the basics of traditional spoon carving.