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Fundamentals of Wood Working: Hand Cut Dovetails

This eight hour course covers the fundamentals of dovetail joinery. Dovetails are a critical skill in the completion of many types of woodworking projects tht require solid tensile strength. The dovetail technique predates written history, is simple to learn but takes a lifetime to master. Students will get hands on experience with cutting dovetails as while learning about the various types and functions of this incredibly versatile woodworking technique. Tools will be available, and materials ar


Sculpting and Design

This class is intended for storyboard artists, conceptual artists, animators, industrial designers, special effects artists, fine artists, crafters, doll-makers, or anyone who just wants to make characters spawned from their imagination. The students will follow the instructor through a step-by-step process of how to design, sculpt, and finish a complete un-painted character maquette from the structural armature, to the anatomy and details of the clay, and finally the firing and pre-painting


Introduction to Leatherworking: Hand Stitched Wallet

In this course, each student will learn the basics of leatherworking and from Sarah Green of CORD shoes. It will cover the following topics:

-       Intro to material
-       Following a pattern
-       Cutting leather
-       Hand Stitching
-       Basic tool use (knives, awl, pricking iron, etc.)
-       Monogramming/ Embossing
At the end of the class, each student would complete a hand sewn, Snap Wallet (http://cordshoes.com/accessory/snap-wallet/).

About the Instructor:


Intro to Leather Working: Moccasins

In this course, each student will learn the basics of leatherworking from Sarah Green of CORD shoes in order to produce a one of a kind moccasin. It will cover the following topics:

-       Measuring and tracing feet
-       Lasts, and basic shoemaking equipment
-       Cutting thicker/ soling leather
-       Basic fitting
-       Awling and Handsewing soles
-       Sanding, burnishing and waxing edges

This is a two part course, with the first course occuring on 7/11/2015 and the sec