Who We Are

Board of Directors

Luci Giarrano - CEO

Our fearless leader. If you are within a certain radius of Luci, you'll probably get a strange feeling that something exciting is about to happen. Seconds later he'll tell you about a new idea he has, and ask for your help.

Mike Mooney - COO

Mike has a sixth sense, but unlike the movies portray it, he only uses it for problems that need solving. Whenever a board member feels overwhelmed, they repeat the phrase "It's going to be okay, Mike will help" three times out loud. This trick has never failed.

Jay Caudle - Co-Founder, CFO

Jay is the Zen-like master sitting peacefully in the eye of the hurricane of excitement and energy that constitues MASS Collective. He once discovered the meaning of life, but forgot to write it down.

Kyle Howser - Director of Acquisitions, Workspace Development

Kyle is a master of time management and specialized work. He has a set of custom tools he uses to build other custom tools. He can also cook thirty-minute brownies in twenty minutes.

Ryan Metzler - Director of R&D, Manager of Expectations

Ryan can fix electronics just by staring them into submission. If you happen to brush against him, you'll hear the sound of strange, distant radio stations in your head. When asked about this phenomenon, he responded, "The universe is very old. There is much we don't understand. Yet."

Board of Advisors

Duncan Shirah - Director of Special Products

Duncan is the champion of all that is creative and has a working knowledge of every physical object in existence. If you don't know Duncan very well, you may suspect him of being a wizard. If you do know him, then you know the spell he used prevents you from uttering such things.

Audrey Gamez - Director of Education

Audrey is perhaps the only person on earth to respond to questions before they are asked. She has a glowing personality, which Daimler-Chrysler once tried to license for their high-visibility headlights.

Susanna Spiccia - Community Development Coordinator

Due to Susanna's constant energy, the state of Georga once considered instating a legal limit on caffeine consumption. This was never implemented though, as it was decided her contributions to society were too important to constrain her in any way.

Josh Flail - Media Coordinator

What media types does Josh work in? All of them. Even the ones not yet invented. His greatest weakness is poison, but only if he ingests it.